Elect Adam Smith

Rep. Smith Statement on President BidenJuly 8, 2024

Rep. Smith released the following statement regarding President Biden’s campaign for a second term.

WASHINGTON — President Biden should end his candidacy for a second term as President and release his delegates to the Democratic National Convention to enable the party to nominate a new candidate for President. This must happen as soon as possible to give the new ticket the maximum amount of time to make its case to the American people.

Any candidate for the highest office in our nation has a strong burden to bear. That candidate must be able to clearly, articulately, and strongly make his or her case to the American people. It is clear that President Biden is no longer able to meet this burden.      

Donald Trump and MAGA extremism pose an existential threat to our nation, and we need to be in the strongest possible position to win in this election.       

If President Biden runs, I will back him one hundred percent and without reservation. Elections are, after all, a choice. The President would still be, by a wide margin, the best candidate in the current field. He has done an outstanding job as President and our country will always owe him an enormous debt of gratitude for the job he has done. But no candidate is owed another term in office based solely on past performance. Every new term must be earned with the clear understanding of what that candidate will be capable of doing in the term to come.

If the President continues his campaign, it would be a mistake. He should step aside now so that we can find a new candidate that will put us in the strongest possible position to beat Donald Trump in November. 

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