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Economy, Jobs & Infrastructure

I am a strong supporter of measures to boost the Puget Sound economy by providing workers and their families with fair access to opportunity.  I have authored legislation to provide job training, health care benefits, and unemployment to laid-off workers, as well as consistently sponsored legislation that would raise the minimum wage at the federal, state, and local levels.

I am an advocate for the protection of unions.  Labor unions and collective bargaining have historically been fundamental in establishing labor protections and today is essential to protecting the rights of workers.  Without the right of labor to organize and collectively bargain, employees’ wages, benefits, and working conditions are jeopardized.  I have a record of supporting legislation that would protect collective bargaining measures.  I will continue to oppose any efforts to erode this vital tool.

I have also led the fight to ensure our economy is strong in the long term by balancing the budget, and I support a forward-thinking energy plan, investments in education and job training, and tax incentives to promote small business and economic investment in the 9th and throughout the country.

Undoubtedly, the value that small businesses contribute to a community is immeasurable. I am firmly committed to working with small businesses, helping them work with federal and local governments, and encouraging their investment so that our economy continues to grow.

The Puget Sound region is a diverse and fundamentally healthy economy that has been a key factor in making Washington state a leader in job and wage growth. I have worked with my colleagues in Washington state to keep Boeing jobs and subcontractors here, build the infrastructure we need for a strong economy, and improve education so that we can continue to have the best workforce in the country.

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Our country needs a robust infrastructure plan that benefits every American.  Through responsible infrastructure investment, we can promote jobs, safety, and the efficient movement of goods and services.

We must modernize our nation’s roadways and port infrastructure.  These are critical for increased economic growth in our region, and that’s why I support legislation, including the BRACE and FAST Acts, that would support these goals.  I’ve also authored the Freight Infrastructure Reinvestment Act, which would ultimately develop a National Freight Mobility Infrastructure Improvement Program.

Additionally, our airport-impacted communities must also be supported.  I am an advocate for reducing noise and emissions from airplanes, while also holding the Federal Aviation Association accountable to our communities impacted by this issue in the 9th District.

Finally, we must rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, including roads and bridges.  I’ll continue to advocate for legislation that all will benefit from.

Adam’s Work on Infrastructure:

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