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Climate & Energy

Climate change is one of the defining issues of our time.  In order to avoid the most disastrous effects of our rapidly changing climate, we must move forward both quickly and decisively with strong, progressive environmental policies.

It is absolutely critical that we work to protect our air and water, our lush national parks, and to ensure environmental justice for all people.  We must re-enter the Paris Climate Agreement, and firmly stand against dangerous environmental rollbacks, including fuel emission standards. In addition to opposing dangerous anti-environmental policies, we must also protect the viability of the Environmental Protection Agency.

We must also encourage the continued development of green technologies.  Not only does green technology offer significant benefits to the environment, but provides for an economy of the future.  I will continue to actively encourage the creation of jobs in renewable energy fields.

I will continue to work as an environmental advocate in the House, and to support policies that advance a progressive environmental agenda.

Adam’s work on Climate Change:


The United States must be committed to creating an energy policy that allows us to be independent from foreign sources, bring down costs for all Americans, and invest in new alternative energy technologies, all while fighting climate change.

In order to protect consumers from skyrocketing energy prices that are crippling many businesses in the Puget Sound region, we must implement policies that will make our energy sources more reliable and diverse.

Traditional fossil-fuel energy sources like natural gas, oil, and coal are in limited supply and must be used wisely. With that in mind, we must embrace the use of alternative, renewable energy sources and promote efficient use of our current sources. Wind and solar power, once thought too impractical on a mass-scale, have become increasingly cost-competitive with fossil fuels. We need to encourage greater research and development so that we can use these clean and renewable energy sources, as well as fuel cells, geothermal energy, and bio-fuels, to create a more self-sustainable America.

Not only will embracing new energy technology make our economy flourish and our environment cleaner, but it will also allow America to once again be a world leader in energy innovation. Instead of relying on oil imports from foreign sources we can develop and export the fuel cells, solar panels, smart grid infrastructure, and other innovative technologies that will continue to create good American jobs and help the rest of the world develop cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable sources of energy.

Adam’s work on Energy:

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