Elect Adam Smith


I am a fervent supporter of measures that support our seniors. Programs like Social Security and Medicare are critical to many seniors, both in our 9th Congressional District and throughout the country. With millions of American seniors living off of these benefits, Congress must support legislation that protects these programs.

In Congress, I have a strong record of protecting the vitality of Social Security for the people who need it now, but also for our future generations.  I have and will continue to consistently support measures to strengthen Social Security itself and the benefits it provides to its beneficiaries.  Beneficiaries ultimately need increased benefits and more accurate cost of living adjustments.  

Medicare is another critical program that must be protected and preserved.  I’m supportive of ensuring that Medicare is affordable for all seniors, particularly for those on fixed incomes.  Congress must make certain that we increase our commitment to the program, including through measures such as ensuring access to rehabilitation services.

I also have the privilege of meeting regularly with many great seniors groups in our district, where I have the opportunity to learn more about how to best support seniors.

Our seniors deserve to live a dignified life, and I will continue fighting for that.

Adam’s work on Seniors Issues:

  • Supported strengthening protections for Social Security beneficiaries
  • Co-sponsor of H.R. 807, the Medicare Access to Rehabilitation Services of 2017
  • Co-sponsor of H.R. 1902, the Social Security 2100 Act
  • Supported expanding Social Security benefits

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