Elect Adam Smith


It is clear that we face significant housing issues.  Prices continue to grow higher, forcing individuals out of their homes and communities, and sometimes on to the streets.  We must put in place comprehensive housing policy that protects affordable housing options.

To begin, we must protect homeowners from predatory and irresponsible lending practices that may ultimately lead to the foreclosure of homes.  Reigning in banks from implementing disastrous lending policies is critical to ensuring affordable housing.

Additionally, we must spend more on programs like Section 8 housing and other federal government programs and subsidies.  These programs provide critical services in assisting people who are struggling financially.  Individuals must also have access to a living $15/hr minimum wage, which would provide more people with the opportunity to work towards saving for a home or paying their rent.

As a region, the Pacific Northwest has been successful in fostering public-private partnerships.  We must continue this tradition to provide access to funding for additional affordable housing units.  One of the most common things I hear in the community is that non-profit organizations are not able to obtain funding to build more affordable housing units.  Public and private groups must come together so that we can fund housing growth to keep families in their neighborhoods.

We must also help homeless individuals through ensuring that government programs to assist them are accessible and robust, including increased outreach to the homeless, rental assistance, and emergency relief grants.  Many shelters and non-profit programs have already reached their capacity, and it is the government’s duty to remedy the problem.

Adam’s Work on Housing:

  • Co-sponsor of H.R. 915, the Permanently Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2017
  • Secured millions of dollars in federal funding for affordable housing projects throughout the 9th district
  • Supports legislation that would provide additional funding for rental assistance and government subsidy programs
  • Supports legislation that would increase outreach and general assistance to the homeless

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