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Congressman Smith Joins Congressman Doyle and Colleagues in Announcing Legislation to Save Net NeutralityJanuary 22, 2018

Washington, DC – January 16, 2018 – U.S. Representative Mike Doyle (PA-14) announced today the names of the Members of Congress who have asked to cosponsor his legislation to reject the FCC’s order to end the Open Internet and eliminate Net Neutrality.

“We’ve made good progress so far in getting Members to sign on as original cosponsors of our bill to restore Net Neutrality, and I will continue to seek additional cosponsors in the weeks ahead,” Congressman Doyle said today in releasing the list of names. “There’s overwhelming public support for preserving Net Neutrality, so it’s no surprise that there’s strong support in Congress as well. I’m confident that if there’s enough public pressure, Congress will overturn the FCC’s order killing net neutrality.”

On December 14, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines to reverse the Open Internet Order, which regulated Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in order to ensure net neutrality. Later that day, Congressman Doyle announced that he would introduce legislation in the House to overrule the FCC’s action, and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) announced that he would do the same in the Senate.

Under the Congressional Review Act, members of the House and Senate can offer a joint resolution of disapproval on any regulation recently issued by a federal agency. Such legislation can’t be introduced, however, before the regulation is “received by Congress.”

“Senator Markey announced today that they have 50 cosponsors in the Senate, and we hope to mirror their efforts in the House,” Congressman Doyle added.

“The threat posed by the FCC’s actions to overturn Net Neutrality endangers free speech, democracy and a growing internet economy,” said Representative Adam Smith (WA-09). “I am proud to support a legislative fix to the FCC’s unjust ruling.”

“The FCC’s repeal of the Open Internet Order gutted net neutrality, abdicated the FCC’s stewardship over critical communications networks, and recast the public interest in terms of what matters to Wall Street, not to Main Street, and it will hinder rather than help any efforts to close the digital divide,” observed Representative Anna Eshoo (CA-18). “I’m proud to be an original cosponsor of the CRA to demonstrate to millions of Americans that reliable, net-neutral broadband should indeed be protected.”

“People, not corporations, should decide what we can say and do online,” Representative Paul Tonko (NY-20) stated. “For the sake of Americans’ freedom of speech and the future competitiveness of our country’s innovation economy, we should not accept anything less than full net neutrality protections. I am proud to join my friend Congressman Doyle in exercising the Congressional Review Act to restore these essential open Internet protections.”

Congressman Danny K. Davis (IL-07) said, “My constituents are livid with the mere thought of diminishing access to the benefits of net neutrality.  Everybody should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of net neutrality.”

“America has led in the digital age in large part because of a free and open internet, but we won’t remain at the top by adopting backward policies that hurt consumers,” Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (WA-01) said. “Given the opportunity after the FCC’s decision to repeal net neutrality, internet service providers could block content and services or charge premiums for the kind of open access we’ve come to expect. I strongly oppose the FCC’s decision, and will continue working alongside my colleagues to protect consumers and innovators.”

“I am supporting a Congressional Review Act Resolution from Rep. Doyle to overturn the FCC vote and put net neutrality back in place,”Representative Ro Khanna (CA-17) said. “I refuse to let the founding principles of the internet die, not on our watch. I encourage everyone to call their representatives and ask them to support as well. The free and open internet has been an engine of innovation and creativity for decades. We need to make sure that it stays that way for the future.” 

“A free and open internet safeguards free speech, puts consumers first, and protects small businesses and innovators,” Representative Carolyn Maloney (NY-12) said. “But last month, the FCC voted to repeal the net neutrality rules that protect the free and open internet we know today. I’m proud to join my colleagues in this effort to roll back the FCC’s harmful decision and am pleased to support Rep. Doyle’s bill to keep our Net Neutrality protections in place.”

“Net neutrality is essential to keeping the Internet open, affordable, and innovative. The Trump administration’s repeal of net neutrality undermines these key principles and hurts American consumers, which is why I am proud to join House and Senate Democrats co-sponsoring legislation to uphold net neutrality,” Congresswoman Betty McCollum (MN-04) said. “I urge my Republican colleagues to join us, overturn the FCC’s misguided decision, and save the free and open Internet.”

“A free and open internet is integral to a free and open society,” said Congressman Tim Walz (MN-01). “Net neutrality keeps consumers in charge of what websites they have access to, and prevents large corporations from becoming internet gatekeepers and slowing down browsing and streaming speeds. This resolution is the right step to overturn the misguided decision FCC Chair Ajit Pai made in moving to tear down net neutrality.”

“A two-tiered net could mean a fast lane for some and a dirt road for others,” Representative Lloyd Doggett (TX-35) said. “It could strangle competition, impose exorbitant fees on consumers and small businesses, and threaten free speech.  This resolution represents the one way to preserve freedom and accessibility for all.”

“Net neutrality prevents large corporations from deciding what Americans see online while safeguarding free speech and enabling our thriving digital economy. The Federal Communications Commission’s recent vote put these protections on the verge of extinction. I’m proud to cosponsor this legislation as we work to reverse this disastrous decision. An issue as important as this should be decided by Congress,” said Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (NY-25).

“Rolling back Title II net neutrality protections will inhibit the free flow of information that is a critical part of our democracy,” said Representative Suzanne Bonamici (OR-01). “The FCC has failed the American people. The Senate has a record number of cosponsors and, working together, Congress can and must step up to keep the internet fair and open.”

“The internet has fueled innovation, entrepreneurship, activism and progress,” Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-13) observed. “It has provided a platform for groundbreaking ideas and social change – especially for communities of color. I am deeply concerned that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) December vote to undo Open Internet rules will put this progress at risk. That is why I am proud to support this Congressional Review Act resolution of disapproval to overturn the FCC vote and protect net neutrality.”

“A free and open internet is essential to the free flow of ideas, creativity, participatory democracy, and commerce,” said Rep. Welch (VT-AL). “The FCC’s decision to gut net neutrality protections is bad for consumers and entrepreneurs, and a gift to big telecom companies, who will be able to pick and choose who gets access to the internet and at what speed. I am proud to cosponsor this legislation which will reverse this horrible decision so that the internet remains open and accessible to all Americans.”

“This administration’s reckless decision to repeal net neutrality gives internet service providers the ability to stack the deck against hardworking families and small businesses who could be forced to pay more to connect to an internet with slower speeds,” said Representative Jacky Rosen (NV-03). “This resolution would reverse the FCC’s misguided ruling, which places large corporate profits ahead of people, and restore access to a free and open internet for all. I’m proud to join my colleagues in supporting Rep. Doyle’s resolution and will continue to fight for net neutrality.”

“In the 21st century, a free and open Internet is the key to American entrepreneurship and innovation,” Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-23) said. “Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s FCC is actively undermining the rules of the Internet that we’ve all come to rely upon. It’s part of this Administration’s pattern of siding with giant corporations over hardworking families – and this legislation is a major step in returning power back into the hands of all Americans.”

“We can’t stand by as the FCC and big corporations steal our right to equal access to the Internet,” said Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01). I am cosponsoring this resolution because we need to reverse the FCC’s shameful repeal of net neutrality protections. The FCC’s decision will allow Internet service providers to favor big businesses over startups, hurting New Hampshire innovators; it needs to be stopped.”

“Americans expect and deserve an internet that is free, neutral, and open to all. Reversing the FCC’s disastrous vote is an essential step in the fight for net neutrality. Thousands of my constituents have asked me to fight on their behalf for net neutrality, and I am proud to do so by joining many of my colleagues on this piece of legislation,” said Congressman Donald McEachin (VA-04).

“An open Internet is an empowering, enabling platform, one that allows communities across the country to fulfill their economic and educational potential,” said Rep. Adriano Espaillat (NY-13). “I stand firm in my belief that the Internet should remain open and available to all Americans, regardless of their class, status, or geographic location. I am proud to join Rep. Doyle and our congressional colleagues as a cosponsor on this legislation to reject the FCC’s decision to end the open Internet and eliminate net neutrality. We vow to continue our efforts to stand with net neutrality supporters in communities around the nation and will fight to ensure first amendment rights for all.”

“The simple fact is, net neutrality is fundamental to our democracy,” Representative Rick Nolan (MN-08) stated. “Huge corporations shouldn’t have the power to decide what specific websites you can see or what your loading speeds will be. We will keep fighting here in Congress to protect consumers and reinstate net neutrality.”

Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12) said today, “The basic principle of net neutrality is simple: anyone should be able to access any website or web service they want equally — that anyone can make their own website and make it accessible to anyone with internet access. Unfortunately, the FCC’s latest decision to torpedo net neutrality protections is a tremendous blow to free and fair internet. The reaction against the FCC decision has been overwhelming from Central Jersey and across the nation, and Congress has a responsibility to exercise our duty to review dangerous and misguided decisions like this one.  I am proud to join Representative Doyle in a bipartisan bicameral effort to stand with my constituents to oppose this ruling.”

“A free and open internet is an indispensable part of American life. The recent vote to repeal net neutrality is a glaring example of the Republican Party siding with multinational corporations and big business over the American people. Shame on them for going against the will of the people with such wanton disregard for how this policy will impact their lives. I am proud to be a cosponsor of this legislation to restore net neutrality regulations, and protect the net,” said Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-13).

“The FCC’s recent vote to overturn the 2015 rules on Net Neutrality flew right in the face of the will of the American people, who strongly believe in a free and open internet. Overturning these rules harm underserved minority communities the most, including those I represent in the South Bronx, by limiting access to education and training benefits, employment and business opportunities, news and cultural content, and the ability to connect with loved ones near and far. Access to the internet is not a luxury, it a basic need in today’s world. A fair and open access to the internet is essential to our way of life and to our economy. That is why we must continue fighting to overturn the FCC’s recent actions and protect Net Neutrality,” said Congressman José  E. Serrano (NY-15).

“Educational opportunities,  community networking and free speech rights will all be compromised by gatekeepers in a pay-to-play internet,” said Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa (HI-01). “This measure will nullify the unfortunate rule passed by the FCC under Chairman Ajit Pai which, if left unopposed, will encourage the ‘cable-ization’ of the internet.”

“Net neutrality protections enable the free flow of ideas and open new economic opportunities for millions of Americans,” said Congressman Jerry McNerney (CA-09). “The Chairman’s push to eliminate these protections has put us on a dangerous path backward, and it is critical that Congress reverse this ill-conceived action. I’m proud to join Congressman Doyle in this effort.”

“Since FCC Chairman Ajit Pai first proposed to rollback net neutrality protections, I’ve heard from thousands of my constituents who are deeply opposed to the FCC’s actions,” Representative Denny Heck (WA-10) said. “I share their concerns, and I believe it’s vital Congress acts to reject the FCC’s approach and reinstate the 2015 open-internet rules. We must protect this basic tenet of the internet which allows our small businesses to compete in the global marketplace, helps our students receive a 21st century education regardless of their means, and spurs innovation.”

“The message I’ve heard from thousands of Granite Staters has been abundantly clear, Congress should overturn the FCC’s misguided proposal to repeal net neutrality protections,” said Congresswoman Ann Kuster (NH-02).  “It is imperative that New Hampshire consumers and small businesses are able to maintain the freedom to access internet services without obstruction from Internet Service Providers.  To compete in a 21st Century economy, we must ensure that the internet allows for a free exchange of ideas, and this common sense legislation would pave the way for a simple up or down vote in Congress to restore net neutrality protections for all Americans.”

“The internet should remain open and accessible for all, and that’s why I strongly support this effort to stop the repeal of net neutrality,” said Congressman Sander Levin (MI-09). 

“I strongly condemned the FCC’s decision last month to ignore the will of the American people and repeal net neutrality rules that preserve a free and open Internet,” said Congressman Jim Langevin, co-founder and co-chair of the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus. “This misguided action will give Internet service providers the power to control what consumers see online, undermining the free flow of information. That’s why I am grateful for the leadership of Congressman Doyle in drafting this resolution to overturn the disastrous decision and restore consumer protections online.”

“The Trump administration can – and it seems will – repeal all the progress achieved during the Obama administration, but Congress has the last say,” Representative Jared Polis (CO-02) observed. “With the public on our side, we must draw a line and protect the internet as we know it, preserving net neutrality.  To compete in the global economy, we need an internet that allows for the free exchange of ideas, not an internet that can be bought by the highest bidder.”

As of today, the following Members of the US House of Representatives have agreed to cosponsor Congressman Doyle’s legislation to save Net Neutrality:

Don S. Beyer, Jr. (VA-08)

Sanford Bishop (GA-02)

Earl Blumenauer (OR-03)

Suzanne Bonamici (OR-01)

Madeleine Bordallo (GU-Del)

Mike Capuano (MA-07)

Andre Carson (IN-07)

Kathy Castor (FL-14)

David Cicilline (RI-01)

Joe Courtney (CT-02)

Joe Crowley (NY-14)

Danny Davis (IL-07)

Susan Davis (CA-53)

Peter DeFazio (OR-04)

Diana DeGette (CO-01)

John Delaney (MD-06)

Rosa DeLauro (CT-03)

Suzan DelBene (WA-01)

Lloyd Doggett (TX-35)

Keith Ellison (MN-05)

Anna Eshoo (CA-18)

Adriano Espaillat (NY-13)

Tulsi Gabbard (HI-02)

Jimmy Gomez (CA-34)

Raul Grijalva (AZ-03)

Colleen Hanabusa (HI-01)

Denny Heck (WA-10)

Jared Huffman (CA-02)

Pramila Jayapal (WA-07)

Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-18)

Marcy Kaptur (OH-09)

Joe Kennedy (MA-04)

Ro Khanna (CA-17)

Ann Kuster (NH-02)

James R. Langevin (RI-02)

Brenda Lawrence (MI-14)

Barbara Lee (CA-13)

Sander Levin (MI-09)

Zoe Lofgren (CA-19)

Stephen Lynch (MA-08)

Carolyn Maloney (NY-12)

Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18)

Betty McCollum (MN-04)

Donald McEachin (VA-04)

James P. McGovern (MA-02)

Jerry McNerney (CA-09)

Doris Matsui (CA-06)

Jerrold Nadler (NY-10)

Richard E. Neal (MA-01)

Richard Nolan (MN-08)

Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC-Del)

Beto O’Rourke (TX-16)

Frank Pallone (NJ-06)

Nancy Pelosi (CA-12)

Collin Peterson (MN-07)

Chellee Pingrey (ME-01)

Mark Pocan (WI-02)

Jared Polis (CO-02)

David Price (NC-04)

Jamie Raskin (MD-08)

Jacky Rosen (NV-03)

Tim Ryan (OH-13)

John Sarbanes (MD-03)

Jan Schakowsky (IL-09)

José E. Serrano (NY-15)

Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01)

Brad Sherman (CA-30)

Louise Slaugher (NY-25)

Adam Smith (WA-09)

Jackie Speier (CA-14)

Tom Suozzi (NY-03)

Mark Takano (CA-41)

Mike Thompson (CA-05)

Paul Tonko (NY-20)

Niki Tsongas (MA-03)

Pete Visclosky (IN-01)

Tim Walz (MN-01)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-23)

Maxine Waters (CA-43)

Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12)

Peter Welch (VT-AL)

John Yarmuth (KY-03)

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