Elect Adam Smith

Smith Statement on Trump Administration Decision to Withdraw from the Paris Climate AgreementJune 16, 2017

“President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement is a disastrous move that undermines the most significant global climate change agreement to date. Either the President does not understand or simply does not care about the devastating impact global climate change will bring about.

“As the world’s second-largest polluter, emitting fifteen percent of global emissions, but with only about five percent of the world’s population, the United States has a moral obligation to reduce carbon emissions. The Administration’s action also shows a disturbing ignorance of our country’s role as an international leader and a complete disregard for the proven science and consequences of a changing climate.

“With sea-levels continuing to rise, global temperatures increasing, and record droughts and fires destroying communities, it is irresponsible to abandon the international community. Across the world, extreme weather events and climate change disproportionately impact people and communities of color and those living in poverty. The United States and the international community have supported advancements in global health, stability, and democracy to combat climate change while making strides in promoting policies focused on expanding environmental justice. I have been heartened to see that combined efforts have created new jobs, increased standards of living, and lifted millions out of poverty. Now is not the time for the United States to turn its back on progress and our international partners.

“The fight to prevent a changing climate does not stop today. In response to the Trump Administration’s failure to lead, we must support the actions of our local leaders as they implement policies that prioritize improvements to public health and investments in programs that mitigate the growing dangers of climate change. I am proud to represent a district that prioritizes a sustainable relationship with nature, and I take my commitment to protecting our environment seriously. I will continue to fight for policies that allow for future generations to lead prosperous and healthy lives.”

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