Elect Adam Smith

Smith Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order Contradicting American ValuesJanuary 31, 2017

Washington D.C. –Congressman Adam Smith released the following statement in response to the extensive damage President Trump’s most recent Executive Order banning refugees is already causing:

“President Trump’s Friday afternoon executive order banning refugees is already wreaking havoc on countless individuals here in the United States and creating lasting repercussions for our country’s international stature. Aside from the fact that the United States already has a very extensive vetting process for refugees, the White House’s failure to issue guidance for the Department of Homeland Security, airport employees and airlines across the world is causing chaos, fear, and potentially irreparable harm to our international alliances. Legal scholars are already raising serious legal questions about whether the President’s ban is even constitutional.

“In directing the Department of Homeland Security to indefinitely deny Syrian refugees from entering the United States, as well as callously barring all refugees from the rest of the world for a minimum of 120 days, the President has chosen to act in direct contrast to our nation’s proud history of helping those in need. The fact remains that there have been no fatal terror attacks in the United States by immigrants from the seven nations identified in the President’s executive order.

“Mr. Trump’s disturbing lack of knowledge of the current vetting processes and his complete disregard for American values is both disturbing and dangerous. If we are to succeed in the fight against Islamic extremists, we must make it clear that our fight is not against the Muslim religion. We need our Muslim allies now, perhaps more than ever. The President’s executive action will only lead to a clash of civilizations and write a chapter of history America will be ashamed of.”

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