Elect Adam Smith

Congressman Smith Statement on President-Elect Trump’s Disturbing Voter Fraud ClaimsDecember 3, 2016

President-elect Trump has continued to produce dangerous and unhinged rhetoric. His recent statement regarding the ‘millions of people who voted illegally’ is completely unacceptable given there is absolutely no evidence of voter fraud. Trump’s actions only serve to undermine the system of government that he is preparing to lead in 50 days.

This is especially disturbing considering that around the nation there have been widespread voter intimidation tactics and voter suppression laws that kept hundreds of thousands of voters away from the polls in battleground states. These voter identification laws have kept away many of those who do not have access or the resources to obtain particular identification cards that are deemed satisfactory in certain states. President-elect Trump supports these laws that turn away the voices of individuals with low socioeconomic status.

I have stated that I will continue to hold President-elect Trump accountable for his actions that have been less than Presidential. I am committed to fighting this administration every step of the way.

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