Elect Adam Smith

Congressman Smith Statement on President Obama’s Executive Actions to Prevent Gun ViolenceJanuary 8, 2016


Washington D.C.Congressman Adam Smith released the following statement after President Obama announced a series of steps to address gun safety:   

“I support the executive actions taken by the President today that are necessary to address the epidemic of gun violence facing our nation. These changes will help to limit senseless gun violence and keep our communities safe.

“America has been witness to horrific acts of violence that we can no longer continue to ignore. These executive actions support policies and efforts to reduce gun violence in our communities. They will increase the number of critical background checks that are completed prior to an individual purchasing a firearm – keeping guns out of the hands of violent criminals and those seeking to do us harm. Additionally, the President’s actions focus on increasing both mental health treatment and the frequency of reporting data to the national background check system – as well as supporting the future development of gun safety technologies.

“Ultimately, addressing gun violence is both a legal and cultural problem that must be addressed at every level of our society. We must do more to understand the potential causes and threats presented by gun violence in our nation, and engage in conversations with communities and law enforcement.  Any changes in federal law will require strong support and action from the American public. As a member of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, I will continue to support legislative and executive branch policy proposals to protect our children and communities.

“These executive actions, alone, are not enough. The President is committed to addressing gun violence.  Congress must fulfill its responsibility to protect Americans by enacting commonsense gun safety reforms. Reasonable reforms are attainable; in Washington state, we now require universal background checks for gun purchases. We must have a comprehensive, national plan to fully address the gun violence problem we face and I will work with my colleagues in Congress to address the crisis of gun violence afflicting our nation.”

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