Elect Adam Smith

ELECTION: Adam Smith is a proven leaderAugust 27, 2010

The News Tribune, August 25th, Stacy Carkonen, Sumner –

Looking at the issues that really matter, the issues that transcend political party and ideology, Congressman Adam Smith stands squarely on the side of the people – no matter what party they vote for.

He has been a powerful voice for our service men and women in action and those returning home from duty with a myriad of health issues to deal with. He has stood with families hit hard by this recession who have needed the support of increased access to food security and unemployment benefits to get them through this devastating time when too many of us are losing our jobs.

In my dealings with Smith, I have found him to be an incredibly thoughtful, intelligent and passionate advocate for the people of the 9th District and beyond. I for one want to move forward with the clear vision of a proven leader.

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