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As a lifelong resident of the 9th Congressional District, it remains my greatest honor to represent the area in which I grew up and where Sara and I continue to live and raise our family. In Congress, I am dedicated to building an inclusive economy. That means creating jobs, making our communities affordable and safe for all, and ensuring access to quality education and healthcare. Learn more
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The GOP bill, H.R.1, prioritizes polluters over people by creating loopholes for oil, gas, and mining industries while reversing progress on climate and clean energy policies. Let's prioritize the well-being of our communities, not the profits of polluting industries.

I am honored to have received a 100% on the League of Conservation Voters’ 2022 National Environmental Scorecard. I’ll keep fighting in Congress for #boldclimateaction that will safeguard the health of our communities and planet. https://scorecard.lcv.org/moc/adam-smith?fbclid=IwAR3PqsOGicoa-n8Ap9DRpfsc5Km4YOP7i7PNOUw4-3Zn1g2SVMHsJZmLEhE

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